Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) is a method of analysing spatially varying relationships. This usually involves fitting a model to predict the values of one variable (response or dependent variable) from a set of one or more independent (predictor) variables. The Geographically Weighted Regression Tool in the Spatial Statistics Toolbox permits you to fit GWR models and display the results of the analysis using the features of ArcGIS 9.3 and subsequent releases.

The GWR Tool has been developed by ESRI (the Environmental Systems Research Institute of Redlands, CA) in close cooperation with the National Centre for Geocomputation.

Charlton and Fotheringham have also authored some extra material to help users of GWR obtain the maximum from their analyses:

The White Paper describes the GWR approach in some detail, together with extensive information on the theoretical background to GWR. The Tutorial takes the user step by step through the processes of creating data for, fitting and calibrating, displaying and interpreting the results of a GWR analysis.

The GWR Tool is in the Spatial Statistics toolbox which is part of the core functionality of ArcGIS. You do not need additional licenses to use GWR.

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